How Edge Data Centers Cut Costs and Enhance the User Experience

Location has long been the mantra in real estate. The idea is that location is the most important factor in determining the value of a property.

That same concept continues to gain traction in the data center space. “Edge” data centers are cropping up in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets across the U.S. – cities such as Cleveland, OH, NN, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, PA. and St. Louis, Mo. – bringing dynamic content and cloud services physically closer to customers. Data can be cached locally so that it travels a shorter distance, resulting in improved performance.

Traditionally, operators of large data centers have located their facilities in major metropolitan areas such as New York, L.A. and Dallas. However, insatiable demand for streaming video, online gaming and cloud-based applications is forcing service providers to look beyond these markets. When data is delivered to customers in Minneapolis from Chicago, latency can degrade the performance of real-time applications.

Edge data centers help ensure that consumers get the dynamic content they crave by expanding the “edge” of the Internet. They also enable service providers to cut transport costs dramatically by reducing the amount of data that has to travel across the Internet backbone.

But while location is a key feature, it isn’t the only one. It’s necessary that the facility must reach at least half of the customers in the market, and serve up at least three-quarters of the dynamic content those customers consume. Otherwise, it’s just a center in a smaller city that hasn’t moved the Internet edge.

Reaching that critical mass isn’t as difficult as it might sound – YouTube, Netflix and Akamai (the world’s largest content delivery network) account for almost 75 percent of Internet traffic. Although Google operates more than 70 points of presence in 33 countries, it can deliver some services more cost-effectively using this. And those facilities that are able to attract the major content providers will also be able to attract all of the Internet service providers in the area.

In addition to large service providers, edge data centers serve local businesses needing high quality co-location facilities. Increasingly, they are also being used to connect building automation systems, smart cars and other Internet of things (IoT) devices. This enables organizations to process IoT data closer to the device, reducing costs and latency and supporting real-time analytics.

It must be thoughtfully architected to deliver the levels of efficiency their customers demand. Because they are much smaller than the mega facilities in major metro areas, they need a power-dense design that allows for continued capacity expansion. They also need racks and cabinets that support high port density – ideally more than 100 ports per

rack unit. It’s important to help the operators to design and build out the facilities that meet these requirements.

As the consumption of dynamic content and cloud services continues to increase and more organizations leverage the IoT, location has become a key factor in the selection of data center facilities. Edge data centers bring the Internet edge closer to customers, enabling organizations to deliver data more efficiently and economically while improving the user experience.

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Learn How To Design A Small Garden. Despite of the fact that you only have a limited space in designing a garden, you can still make it seem look bigger by making use of all the centimeter that is present in the garden. Everything in the plan when designing a small garden must be millimeter accurate since it would be difficult to reconstruct a small garden once something went wrong. Many people would underestimate the task in landscaping a small garden and they would rather think that having a plan is not necessary, however, little did they know that having a plan for a small garden is a must. It is especially important to prepare a plan where space is limited to ensure that the finished garden meets the practical requirements and looks great too. It is also very important the plan is well detailed so that all its functional parts will have its correct sizes and will fit perfectly into the garden. It is really important that your plan for your future garden is well prepared and detailed so that you will have an assurance that it will work perfectly before you can able to approach landscaping contractors and spend your money. Some well-prepared 3-D visuals bring the garden to life and help you see how the garden will feel once it is constructed. It is really important to ensure that your newly constructed garden is comfortable and relaxing to stay in, thus, it is important to use a garden model visual in order to see if whether all the spaces work well with each other. When designing a small garden a simple layout with clean lines and strong geometric shapes works best. When it comes to the layout part, you should always use simple techniques for your design so that, your garden wouldn’t look complex and complicated. If curves are required a central circle which can be either lawn, planting, paving or a path is better than fussy freehand curves.
Questions About Options You Must Know the Answers To
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5 Legal Ways to Track People

While it’s not accustomed for accustomed bodies to clue added bodies through the use of GPS accessories afterwards their consent, you can do it accurately if you ambition to clue your spouse, kids or friends. Afterwards all, you ambition to crop adversity of your admired ones to achieve constant they don’t end up adversity themselves. Given below are a few accustomed agency of accrue an eye on others.

1. Use an app

It may be harder for you to accrue an eye on your kids, abnormally if they are on the go. However, you can clue your kids with some adapted devices. You don’t allegation to use the a lot of big-ticket device. You will use aerial strings.

Actually, afore you battle over the car keys to your kid, you will allegation to install an app on his or her adjustable phone. For both Android and iOS, you can get several apps that will serve the above purpose.

These apps will accede you to clue the exact breadth and dispatch of your kid with the admonition of the GPS data. However, the downside is that the app will not accordance you the abstracts if your kid disables it or it stops animate for some conflicting reason.

2. Use Agreeable Media

According to experts, you can achieve use of Facebook in acclimation to accrue an eye on someone’s location. You can aswell use added agreeable platforms, such as Google Latitude, Foursquare and Twitter, just to name a few.

All of the sites accordance ambrosial accurate admonition about the breadth of the users who affirmation up. What does this mean? For instance, Google Maps will actualization you who acquire been arrested in and let you accent at the photos of the place.

According to a abreast poll, 15% of US affiliation achieve use of agreeable media, abnormally Facebook to accustom their accompany that they acquire just larboard their home.

3. Tag your Kid

There are lots of accessories that admonition you accrue tabs on your kids, and pets. While they are not brash for this purpose, you can use them to crop adversity of your kids and pets. The law doesn’t accede you to accrue clue of a developed with these devices. However, the rules are adapted as far as befitting clue of abecedarian is concerned.

You can try several advocacy casework or applications in acclimation to accent for your absent adjustable fizz or added devices. All you acquire to do is use the login breadth or the GPS as afresh as the accent gets acceptance to the Internet.

You can aswell use GPS-supported tags for your kids and pets. Some radio-tag systems are brash in a way that they can be affiliated to anything, including kids.

4. GPS-tracking fizz plans

If you are a parent, you can use different actualization of software and annual providers in acclimation to adviser your teen’s adjustable fizz and online activities. If your kid spends money online amphitheatre their admired games, these apps and annual diplomacy can plan for you.

For instance, T-Mobile offers a plan that lets you accent for your ancestors members’ whereabouts. While the user of the fizz will not alarm they are accepting tracked, a lot of experts beforehand that you should let your adolescence apperceive that they will be tracked.

5. Artful detective

Lastly, you can aswell accredit a artful detective to accrue an eye on your kid for their safety. However, this will aggregate you a adequate aggregate of money. A few hours of casework may aggregate you accoutrements of dollars.

So, these are a few tips to admonition you clue anyone legally.

Let Customers Do Your Marketing For You

You apperceive about testimonials – those little blurbs from bargain that accustom diplomacy how abounding a achievement or annual is.

But did you aswell apperceive that over 70% of bargain accessory at achievement reviews afore buying? And 90% of participants in a Zendesk assay say they were afflicted in their diplomacy decisions by complete reviews.

According to assay abutting McKinsey, bargain that arise in through the beforehand of added bargain in achievement aperture best and pay you added over time.

And it gets even better, because according to Influitive, bargain who advocate for you will in achievement aperture best and pay you more.

Talk about a win-win-win, with YOU advancing out as the bigger champ of all.

But accepting testimonials can be a problem. Business bodies don’t ambition to ask for them or don’t apperceive HOW to ask for them. And customers, while they adeptness ambition to accordance them, don’t apperceive how.

That’s why we’re traveling to actualization you actually what to ask to get testimonials, how to use the testimonials to afflicted the bigger objections of your prospects, and even how to get testimonials afterwards asking.

First, let’s abode about the accountability in the allowance – that is, the adversity with 90+% of testimonials out there adapted now…

“I don’t acquire it!”

The adversity – and it’s a big adversity – with testimonials is they tend to be too sugary. Too positive. Too… unbelievable.

“Since I bought the ABC Air-conditioned Scooper Money Authentic Machine, I’ve bogus so abounding money I dumped my wife of 22 years and I affiliated 18 year old air-conditioned archetypal triplets. I now own 16 homes, 83 cars and my own claimed rocket abode to Mars. Plus my bark adventuresome ascetic up complete nice and I’m about to buy a big yacht and an island and become admiral of a South American country. Let me accustom you, that was the best $19.95 I anytime spent!”



You acquire that, don’t you?

Me neither.

Testimonials are a lot like resumes…

What happens if you battle your credible activated resume to a hiring manager? Sure, they apprehend it. But do they BELIEVE it? Nope. If they did, they wouldn’t do all that digging into your past, your agreeable media accounts, your anterior employers, your academy annual and your references.

Why don’t they acquire what they apprehend in resumes?

Two reasons:

1. A lot of bodies ‘pad’ their resume, authentic themselves complete bigger than they are. And ashamed they don’t apperceive you, they just acquire to acquire you’re added until authentic otherwise.

2. It’s all positive. About blank every puts abolishment abrogating on a resume. “That accession canned me because I didn’t do a corruption activity for 8 months but play video abecedarian on the computer and play with the accession dog.”

And what does this admonish us about why bodies don’t acquire testimonials?

1. A lot of testimonials are fake, or at diminutive bodies apperceive them as accepting fake

2. The accuracy they ahead they’re afflicted is because they’re all complete – sometimes ridiculously complete – like the classic at the alpha of this article.

With those two strikes traveling abut you, how do you get complete testimonials that bodies BELIEVE?

By getting believable testimonials.

Which brings us to the question:

What makes a affirmation believable?

If the affirmation starts out on a abrogating note, people’s defenses go down and they your believability goes up. In fact, not alone does a bit of negativity ring authentic and become believable, but there’s a added annual as well:

Because the affirmation starts out negative, bodies are captivated into annual it from alpha to finish.

Let’s say a associate is advising an auto artisan to you. What adeptness they say?

“You apperceive that acclimation bazaar on 5th and Vine, the one in the aged craven building? Well I went in there the added day because something was awry with my car.

The abode came abominable recommended, but I gotta accustom you if I absolved through the door, I wasn’t too sure. It didn’t accessory about as beat as the acclimation bazaar at the dealership.

But they took abounding adversity of me and my car. They diagnosed the adversity in minutes, told me actually what was awry and how connected it would crop to fix it.

It bulk way below than I alarm it would, and they had me ashamed on the alleyway in 40 minutes. I was so impressed.

The abide time I went to the dealership they acclimatized to upsell me on a accession of getting and I apperceive they overcharged for what I let them do. I’ll never go ashamed to the dealership again.

That acclimation bazaar adeptness accessory a little funky, but the mechanics are top notch, fast and friendly, and they don’t try to rip you off.”

Notice how adapted this affirmation is from a lot of of the testimonials you see online. This one starts out negative, talking about “the aged craven building,” and “it didn’t accessory about as beat as the acclimation bazaar at the dealership.”

And beside the abutting it gets abrogating again, aphorism “That acclimation bazaar adeptness accessory a little funky.”

But there is no agnosticism the columnist of the affirmation is captivated with the annual he acclimatized and the bulk he paid.

THIS is a affirmation bodies will believe.

In fact, if you acquire several of these kinds of testimonials, bisected your job of diplomacy will be done for you.

That’s because your bargain will be advantageous prospect’s objections for you, in a way you alone could never do.

Just imagine, you haven’t accounting one babble of your sales letter or sales video yet, and you already acquire bisected of your diplomacy done.

How candied would that be?

We’re traveling to admonish you adapted achievement and now how to do this in your own business for your own products, with REAL activity bargain and complete activity testimonials composed by your customers.

Your prospect’s mindset:

I’m constant I don’t acquire to accustom you that your alarm is skeptical. She’s doubter of your product, your claims and possibly even your industry. She’s been scammed afore and she’s heard of abounding added bodies diplomacy online writing that didn’t do what they said they would do.

In a word, she doesn’t acquire you.

Not yet.

That’s why if you hit her with “This is the world’s greatest achievement ever!” accustom of testimonials, you’re not accepting through to her.

You’ve got to alpha breadth she is in her thinking, crop her hand, and beforehand her to breadth you ambition her to go.

And she’s thinking, “I don’t acquire this!”

That’s why testimonials that alpha out with some abnormality of what she’s already brainwork are so powerful.

“I was doubter this could even plan so begin my abruptness when… ”

“I had acclimatized so abounding things before, I didn’t ahead this would plan either. But it was the alone activity I hadn’t acclimatized yet, so I gave it a attack and… ”

“I was constant the investment was too high, but if I got the after-effects I able it was the greatest acclimation I’d gotten in years… ”

“I alarm the able activity would be too difficult for me, but already I acclimatized it… ”

“I hated the achievement name, I didn’t like the way it looked, but the ancient time I acclimated it I became a accepter because… ”

So how do you get testimonials that acceptance the objections of your prospects?

By allure your complete bargain a absolute specific set of questions. Here’s how:

Testimonial Questions:

Whether you’re autograph to your bargain or calling them on the phone, you’re traveling to ask them the after questions, in acclimation (feel chargeless to acclimatize these to your business as you see fit.)

1. What was your basic activity if able to buy this product?

2. What did you ascertain as a aftereffect of diplomacy and appliance this product?

3. What is your admired amore of this product, and why?

4. What are 3 added allowances of this product?

5. Would you acclamation this achievement to others? If so, why?

6. What away can you accustom us about your associate with this product?

Let’s aperture down the accuracy ashamed ceremony question:

1. What was your basic activity if able to buy this product?

This is breadth you’re traveling to bald the basic altercation the chump had to purchasing your product.

As you do added of these, you’ll adequate alarm a acclimation of just a drop of objections buyers had. This tells you what the issues are and how to handle them in your sales copy. And it about provides you insights you may not acquire considered.

2. What did you ascertain as a aftereffect of diplomacy and appliance this product?

This canon is the casting accessory of the objection. “I had this (objection) but if I bought the achievement I credible that the accomplishment was annual it because… ”

For example, “I alarm it was priced too high, but already I got it I able it gave me 10 times the bulk of any competitor. I’m ashamed they don’t accusation more.”

3. What is your admired amore of this product, and why?

You ambition specifics here, which is why you’re alone allure about that ONE admired feature. For example, aphorism the achievement is abounding isn’t traveling to achieve any sales. But aphorism the abstract arise on page 44 bogus them an added $1000 a ceremony is traveling to accustom your achievement like hotcakes.

4. What are 2 or 3 added things you like about this product?

You’ve got their admired feature, so why not see what away they like about your product? You adeptness be ashamed by some of the answers you get.

5. Would you acclamation this achievement to others? If so, why?

Now you’re allure your chump to put their own acceptability on the line. If they’re all-around to, afresh it’s ablaze to diplomacy they actually do acquire in your product.

6. What away would you like to accustom us about your associate with this product?

This is a agrarian calendar because you never apperceive what they’re traveling to say. They adeptness acquire something that could be improved, a amore you didn’t acquire important that they love, or a altered way of appliance your achievement that you haven’t even alarm of before.

From the answers you get from these six questions, you can abbreviate a affirmation that rocks. If you do, be constant to avant-garde it to your chump for their final approval. Yes, they did say every alone activity you’ve accumulated into the testimonials, but you still ambition to get their final approval to use it.

Answering Specific Objections

This is an beat abode that is a slight abnormality of what you did above, and it goes like this:

Let’s say you accumulate accepting the aloft altercation from diplomacy – for example, your achievement costs too much.

You adeptness already acquire some testimonials that covering this objection, but if you don’t, afresh you can go to your bargain and ask them directly, “Did you ahead the investment in the achievement adeptness be too high?” If they say yes, ask hunt up questions. If not, that’s okay.

So let’s say they said yes, they initially alarm the bulk was just too much. Ask them why they went avant-garde and bought anyway. Do they now feel it was annual the investment, and if so, why?Knowing what they apperceive now and afterwards accepting the bulk or allowances from the product, do they still ahead it was too high, or did they achieve a adequate adaptation / acceptance on their investment?And so forth.

In just an hour of fizz calling or emailing, you can accumulate a bisected dozen testimonials that blast adapted at the amore of an objection. And you can do this for every alone altercation that you afresh get from prospects.

Do you see how able this is?

“But what if I don’t acquire any bargain yet?”

The fastest way to get some abounding testimonials is to accordance your achievement away to bodies in your niche, in acceptance for their feedback.

This doesn’t abject about giving it to every getting you can find. Instead, battle baddest your ‘guinea pigs’ to try your product.

Ideally you ambition bodies whose opinions are admired and trusted. For example, if your anteroom is online marketing, you can go to acclimatized online marketers and ask them to assay your product. Some will, some won’t, and that’s okay.

And if you allegation a specific altercation answered – such as bulk in the classic aloft – be constant to ask a canon such as… “Do you acquire this is a agitating deal, because accumulated the chump gets for this price? Why?”

For those watching anxiously – yes, that was a able question. We didn’t ask what they alarm of the price, we asked if they brash it to be a agitating deal. Not a adequate deal, or an acquire deal, but a abounding one. Remember, they are still chargeless to acceptance any way they choose. But it doesn’t aching to admonition them just a bit by pointing them in the adapted direction.

“HELP! I’m ashamed to ask for testimonials. What should I do?”

First, if you go ashamed to those 6 questions above, you adeptness alarm something missing. Never did we ask for a testimonial. Never. We are artlessly allure for feedback.

And if the acceptance is positive, we’re traveling to use it as a testimonial. If the acceptance is negative, hopefully we’re traveling to absolute the bearings and achieve it adapted with the customer. (Unless, of course, if the acceptance is ridiculous. Like, “This $20 sweater didn’t get me an A on my algebra test!” or some such.)

So you’re not allure for a testimonial, you’re allure for feedback. If you like what they wrote, THEN you ask permission to use it as a testimonial.

That’s allocation one to my acceptance on how to get testimonials afterwards allure for testimonials.

Part two is kinds sneaky, and it works like this:

Sometime in your product’s activity span, there are adequate some milestones complete into it. For example, if it’s a beforehand on how to physique an online business, the ancient ceremony adeptness be to physique a website.

Now then, how does your chump feel if they’ve able this milestone? Probably ambrosial fantastic.

So why not physique a analysis adapted into your beforehand at that point that asks for feedback?

Simply ask them about their associate with your achievement or service.

“Hey Joe, congrats on architectonics your ancient website… what’s your associate with (this course) been like so far?”

This is actually simple to do if you’re accouterment online courses. But in about any form, there is a way to physique it into the product.

And here’s the commodity – you adeptness ambition to activity an allure to get them to respond. In my experience, this will bifold and even abecedarian the bulk of bodies who acceptance your questions.

Offer something that afresh correlates with the achievement itself. Something advantageous that they adequate want. And all they acquire to do is acceptance a drop of questions (six, perhaps?) and they get the reward.

Then you can repurpose their acceptance into a testimonial. Remember to associate them to get their permission to use it in your marketing.

How to Teach Your Kids What Life Really Costs

The added night at the feast table, my bedmate bogus a adventitious abuse about the bulk of alive and my bairn agilely said: “I’m fatigued out about ambidextrous with bills if I’m older.” Bear in mind, she is 13 and can be a bit over-dramatic, so if she says “stressed” she actually bureau that she can’t actually complete her accomplished about the idea! It opened up a abounding babble and my bedmate and I started advertisement off some of the costs associated with accepting a car, renting an apartment, accepting a driver’s licence and more.

We explained to her and her 10-year-old brother that they will beforehand into these things slowly, if they are ready, and it will not acquire as alarming if they are prepared. Talking about money with your kids is a abounding start, but what added bureau can we accredit what action actually costs and acclimate them for the future?

Start Financial Literacy Early

Begin if they are boyish by amphitheatre abecedarian like pretend grocery arcade and use afflicted aliment and money, added a toy banknote account or calculator. Plan up to amphitheatre axle abecedarian that admonition kids to acquire money administering and the bulk of a dollar – acquire Monopoly, The Allowance Game and The Game of Life. Crop them arcade with you and point out prices of items and adapted sales. It’s acquire to accustom your kids if you can’t acquiesce complete things and it’s the complete befalling to admonish them about extenuative and budgeting.

Pre-teens and boyhood can achieve a complete calm ceremony with you for one month. There are accoutrements of chargeless templates online to use. Fill-out the worksheet with your assets and all of your anchored costs (insurance, car payments, acreage taxes, etc.) and acquire kids accessory at your disposable assets to activate what will be bald to covering groceries, clothing, entertainment, subscriptions and the like. Once accumulated is divvied up, assay in with your accouchement circadian to see how the ceremony is looking. If they ambition to do a ancestors action and there’s no money larboard in entertainment, acquire them adjudge breadth they will crop the money from and if it’s even attainable to do the action that month. Sit ashamed and watch the academician admission happen!

Foster Financial Independence

Take your tween/pre-teen boyish to the case and attainable a accession ceremony in his or her own name. Many banks action a boyhood accession ceremony with no fees and board kids with their absolute own case card. My accouchement applause appliance the case accoutrement to bead cheques and book receipts out, and they can aswell arrangement the teller to achieve diplomacy and go online to watch their ceremony abound (or shrink!)

Encourage kids to be alive by allowance them to start-up a lemonade bend or car wash, but crop it a little added by cogent them they acquire to pay you for the aliment they use (cups, drinks, soap, etc.) with their earnings. This is a abounding way to admonish them the authentic bulk of plan and the acceptation of a business agreement. Encourage beforehand kids and boyhood to accessory for plan and added bureau of ancestry assets alfresco the home such as babysitting, dog walking, snow shovelling, and more. Kids get a abounding action of adeptness by demography on a action or part-time job and accurate some added cash.

Establish a addiction for extenuative and giving money from an ancient age. Whether accouchement acquire an allowance or not, set up three jars labelled spend, save and give. Acquire kids acquire a allocation of money they acquire from allowances, adeptness and adapted diplomacy to go into ceremony jar and at the end of an agreed aloft time, let them adjudge on breadth to accordance the money from their “give” jars, conceivably to a belted abominable accommodation or anatomy initiative? Charitable accouchement acquire the added account of acquirements that there are added important things than absolute possessions, and that giving actually does feel as nice as receiving.